a look back at 70’s fashions

There are many people with a love of vintage clothing. Some of these people like a particular type of item, like a vintage t shirt featuring a favorite band who visited their city years ago, possibly before they were even born. Other people like a very specific brand of clothing. Some people pay hundreds of dollars for Air Jordan tennis shoes from back in the days when they were first made available. Finally, some people fall in love with a style that was prevalent during a certain time period.
There are many retro clothing fans around today who simply adore the fashions of the 70s and 80s. These are two distinctly different eras in fashion however. Each started out as a carryover from the previous decade and then blossomed with its own special style. Of the two decades, the seventies probably showed the most change from beginning to end. It was also the more turbulent of the two decades in terms of societal change.
70s clothes began as simply a continuation of the somewhat sloppy hippie look of the late 1960s. Girls showed more fashion variation for the most part than boys. There were long skirts, tie dyed shirts made by hand, peasant blouses and all sorts of interesting attire. For most guys, the stereotypical image of the time was not quite as true or as extreme as some might think. There were bell bottom jeans, but not everyone walked around wearing headbands and carrying a guitar. Just as today, the basic uniform was often jeans and a t shirt. Sure, they looked a little bit different, but not all that much.
Later in the decade, the seventies made a transition toward more of a disco look. Shiny fashions and fabrics were made to catch eyes on the dance floor. The shimmer of the disco ball seemed to hypnotize the culture into not recognizing what were often very unusual looking outfits. Men wearing silk shirts with floral prints did not turn heads or seem unusual. Women wore outfits to work that today might be considered only appropriate for an evening out.
It was a time of great change in the United States. The government underwent a major scandal in Watergate, the country wanted out of Vietnam and a generation of young people wanted to forge their own identity. In hindsight, it seems that they chose disco music and some very interesting clothing styles to achieve their goal.

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